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What is kimura's Full Mold Casting Process
Kimura's Quality Assurance

At the Kimura Group, products undergo exclusive quality assurance inspections and tests which are all in-house performed. We ensure accuracy and internal properties of castings which are crucial elements in providing a genuine casting to our customers who believe in the quality of the Kimura Group products.
MAGMA (Flow/Solidification Analysis)
We do Flow/Solidification Analysis by utilizing MAGMA Software on all new products that we have been assigned to produce.
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Automatic Dimension Measuring Machine
We check the dimensions of both pattern and casting during the manufacturing process.
Automatic Dimension Measuring Machine Automatic Dimension Measuring Machine
3 Dimension Optical Digitizer ATOS
When necessary, we perform accuracy check on both pattern and casting.
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UT/MT/PT/Mechanical Properties Tests/Microstructure/Chemical Compostions
According to customer specification, we are capable of performing in-house non-destructive tests and respective microstructure, chemical compositions and mechanical properties test.
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