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Excellent Paper Award at 64th World Foundry Congress
September 2000

From September 11 to 14, 2002, the 64th World Foundry Congress was held in Paris, France. Mr. Kimura, President and Mr. Sugano, General Manager, won the Excellent Paper Award for their presentation. The congress bringing together many analysts from academic and business communities serves as a molding technology exchange center where future social needs and trends of raw/formed materials are discussed.

Excellent Paper Award of 64th WFC

Awardees Toshitake Kanno, Hiroyoshi Kimura
Hideo Nakae, co-researcher, professor of Waseda University
Subject: The relationship between variation in eutectic temperature and melt quality in cast iron

This paper discusses our techniques for predicting melted material quality efficiently and accurately before pouring it to a die, using thermal analysis equipment (CE meter) consisting of three cups. It also academically clarifies the behavior of alloying elements including carbon, silicon, manganese, and copper. Our efforts to apply basic research results to practical application on site was highly valued in the world.

The paper is available in the PDF format.
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