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April 2009
KIMURA is joining the WINDPOWER 2009 in coming May!
KIMURA is currently intending to enlarge its production range and one of the potential fields has been the Wind Power Generation sector. A wind turbine consists of some crucial iron casting parts that could weigh more than several thousand Kilograms in total.
In order to entre into the industry and to expand the idea of applying the Full Mold Casting method to the manufacturing of wind turbine components and moreover, to obtain a better chance of succeeding in the industry, KIMURA will be participating in the WINDPOWER 2009 that would be held in Chicago during this coming May.
It would be the first opportunity for the company to join an international exhibition ever. With this new field of challenge, KIMURA seeks to grow into a competitive iron casting supplier throughout the world as well as an advanced contributor of the environmental sustainment.
We will be exhibiting the "Owl of Wisdom" (the casting globe)as a meaning to deliver our technology to the world and to show our willingness to commit to the earth throughout the industry.

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