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July 2010
The second participation in the WINDPOWER conference and exhibition!
Kimura group has experienced its second WINDPOWER conference and exhibition, which was held through 23rd-26th last May in Dallas, Texas.
Due to the worldwide economic downturn in 2009, we were to expect less business momentum throughout the industry however, we have witnessed many enthusiastic wind power related companies building and seeking new opportunities in the market.
We had almost 100 customers visiting our booth for various reasons and interests. We also had chances to visit booths of our potential customers, current cooperators and competitors which provided us a detailed picture of the current trend in the market. For the past few years, we gave effort in spreading out the idea of applying our Full Mold Casting process to the mass production of Wind Power Generator castings. After these years, we are now gradually acknowledged by our customers as a potential supplier of their iron casting parts.
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