“KRIT” (KIMURA Reverse Engineering Service)

We provide a wide variety of polystyrene patterns for various applications such as Figure, Stage art, Iron cast monuments

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A duplicated classic car
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Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Manufacturing process of 2meter Galapagos Giant Tortoise Polystyrenc pattern

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Scanning equipment

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Scan the miniature clay model with ATOS to make an accurate 3D data, which can be scaled as desired.

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3D photo scanning 3D photo scanning provides colored 3D data, and can be used for scanning people

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Software We can convert illustrations and photographs to 3D data.

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NC milling machine of polystyrene block polystyrene milling machine 48 units help us prepare polystyrene patterns quickly.

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Milling robot arm Capable of milling complex foams in actual scale.


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Mock-up of classic car
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Local mascot
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Three dimensional sign board
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Stage art
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Land scape iron cast.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What type of file format do you work with?
    Data should consist of OBJ-, STL-, IGES-, Parasolid-, or ZTL-format data.
  • What type of scanner do you use?
    We use ATOS 3D digitize and 3D photo scan.
    We spray the powder on the surface of mirror, black color, and transparent for scanning.
    We also use 3D photo scan for humans.
  • Can you handle illustrations or photographs to make figure?
    Yes, we do.
  • What type of material do you use?
    We provide expanded polystyrene, Iron, Aluminum, Sand, and Nylon resin.
  • What is the maximum size?
    We produce more than 10meters EPS model and 40 tons of iron cast.
  • How many pieces do you make?
    We produce from one piece up to 100 pieces and more.
  • Do you paint?
    Yes, we do. Please ask the details.
  • What is the life time of polystyrene figure?
    Durability varies depending on the type of coating used. Feel free to submit an inquiry.
  • What is the delivery time?
    We would deliver polystyrene pattern with in 3days for the shortest.
    Please ask the details.
  • Do you have a price book?
    We would quote in each case. Please contact us to contact form.