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The Kimura Group was founded in 1927 and has continuously operated since that time. In the intervening 90+ years, we have demonstrated tenacious efforts and flexibility in the face of upheaval and have sustained a business based on the production of castings.
Our “Full Mold Casting” process, which was introduced in 1964, brought a big revolution to us and we have grown to be recognized as “KIMURA of Full Mold Casting” by the industrial production world.

By specializing in the Full Mold Castings Process for over 50 years, we have become capable as a supplier into a lot of new fields. Simultaneously, we also have developed manufacturing technologies based on Information Technology (IT), such as modeling by CAD/CAM, various measurement systems and casting simulation through production mainly of Full Mold Casting. As a result, we succeeded to establish a new casting technology integrating the Full Mold Casting and IT. We now continue strongly to step forward, applying our technologies to utilizations of 3D printers, reverse engineering and so on.

Focusing on a technology leads to a new technology, and new technology makes a new world. Our technologies have infinite potential, which would be developed and expanded to various fields. We do hope that, by being a world-leading foundry, our technological innovation will support our customers in a way that contributes to all the people in the world.

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PresidentKazutoshi Kimura
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