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About the Kimura Foundry

Management philosophy

Our aim is to contribute to society by revolutionizing the casting process and finding cleaner, more efficient ways of producing castings, which are essential to the world's industrial base.

Organizational climate: three states of mind

strong passion to achieve your aim
film will to create the new idea
harmonized compassion to grow each other.


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To combine new forms of IT with traditional casting technologies.
A concept that combines our new strategic emphasis on information technology (IT) with the strength of our commitment to iron tactics and a word that evokes the path of growth for casting technologies to express our future direction as a casting visionary seeking to discover unlimited possibilities.

Corporate mark

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Our round logo, which is formed by the pairing of two parts, represents harmony and a desire for smooth progress for everyone and all environments with ties to Kimura Foundry. The edged design, which resembles a wedge, expresses a willingness to take on the challenge of charting a course through the times in which we live and to create with both the spirit of innovation and an acute sensitivity.
Used as an accent, our blue corporate color represents cleanliness in that we aspire to maintain a clean foundry. The incorporation of blue into a rising element in our logo alludes to our desire to improve ourselves and our passion for taking on and meeting challenges.
These two elements also form the I =Image of content and T =Image of content in our corporate watchword, I.T. + I.T. By merging these two elements together to create a wheel, the symbol for infinity is formed to represent the power to pursue a future without limits. We have rebuilt I.T. + I.T. = ∞ within the framework of a singular design.
By condensing the three states of mind and our corporate watchword in the form of I.T. + I.T. = ∞ and recapturing the essence of the K in Kimura, we have created and adopted a design that expresses the very spirit of our company.

Logo mark

With our new logo, which embodies our corporate philosophy and corporate stance, we aspire to achieve further growth together with our clients.

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Happy-san (name includes a play-on-words involving the number “8”)

Say the number “8” five times in a row in Japanese and you get “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”. The KSP100 image character was devised in hopes of inspiring our workforce to likewise put a smile on their faces. By surrounding the character with infinity marks (each of which resembles an “8” resting on its side), an outline of a face emerges. Text denoting a playful laugh appears where the bangs might otherwise be shown. This character design is a symbol of the smiles of our entire workforce. The design also resembles the face of a gentle sheep, which is unsurprising given that the character was conceived in the year of the sheep.

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Kimura Chuzonickname : Chuzo-kun

The god of fire protection. Resides in a ceremonial crucible at our head office.
Loves molten iron. While he normally lives a quiet life in the shadows to avoid detection by employees, he got himself an infinity-mark bow tie for his appearances in front of others as a symbol of our casting-challenge project. He may be eighty-eight years old in human years but is still a rambunctious primary school-aged child in the sacred world of the gods.