Impact of 3D signboard Signboards with a three-dimensional effect that are different from ordinary signboards have an outstanding presence
Advanced quality control system by factory production We deliver products under reliable quality control at factories that manufacture industrial products.
Free shape and size We can make a model with your desired shape and size.
As imaged with 3D data If you provide 3D data, we will process Styrofoam into the shape you imagined.
Cutting technology by robot Complex shaped objects can also be processed by robots
40 or more large NC machines More than 40 large NC machines are in operation 24 hours a day, and can handle properties with short delivery times and large products.

KIMURA DESIGN WORKS for Entertainment

Milling polystyrene pattern using 3D data.
Provide models for events and exhibition with short delivery time and high quality

By using 3D data to mill polystyrene pattern as a material, you can freely create various solid objects such as three-dimensional decoration of the stage for events and mockups for exhibition, life-sized figures, three-dimensional signs and objects, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) model prototypes, etc.
If you provide us with 3D data, we can make a polystyrene pattern model in 3 days at the shortest. Can be used outdoors if coated with urethane resin. We also offer painting if you have a request.

What can we do?

  • Provide a polystyrene pattern model from 3D data.
  • We can modeling 3D data from illustrations. Polystyrene pattern model can be made based on that data.
  • We can make expanded and reduced models from the original model and clay model.
  • We can provide quick delivery. If you provide us with 3D data and a polystyrene pattern model that does not require painting, it will be completed in 3 days at the shortest.
  • We can also produce large models exceeding 10m.
  • It can be used as a prototype of FRP.
  • We can create a custom-made packing box that matches the contents.

Our strength

Short Lead time

  • Over 40 large NC machines for milling polystyrene pattern have been operating for 24 hours.
  • With more than 60 operators for CAD/CAM and more than 80 model assembly staffs, we can provide in short lead time.

NC Machining

  • Milling with machine using 3D data can provide a model that is faithful to the original model.
  • Using milling robot, it is possible to mill a complex shape objects such as people.

3D Technology

  • We can make polystyrene pattern models without 3D data. We can do 3D scanning from clay models and 3D data modeling from photographs and sketches.


  • We can change the hardness of polystyrene pattern and flame-retardant material according to your request.
  • We can also produce iron castings, aluminum castings, and moldings using a 3D printer.

Flow until delivery

Production Example

MITSUI E&S mockup

We created a scaled-down mockup of a new product based on 3D data.

a scaled-down mockup of a new product based on 3D data
Mockup made for an exhibition
a scaled-down mockup of a new product based on 3D data
Every detail of the product can be reproduced using styrofoam and resin.

Life-size anime figure

We scan the figures to create 3D data and life-sized "Sunshine" and "Warsman" were made out of styrofoam. They are on display at the Kinnikuman Museum in Numazu.

We made a life-size figure of Kinnikuman character Sunshine out of styrofoam.
a life-size figure of "Sunshine" (size:2100*1180*2280)
We made a life-size figure of Kinnikuman character Warsman out of styrofoam.
a life-size figure of "Warsman" (size:2000*1130*1150)

Classic Car

The car at the time when the Kimura Foundry was founded in 1927 was manufactured as a model of the actual size of 1/3. Miniature model parts are scanned one by one with ATOS (non-contact optical three-dimensional measuring machine), and we milled the polystyrene pattern based on the acquired data. It is composed of about 100 parts and faithfully reproduces the internal structure.
Full length: 140cm
Weight: 1.3kg

Classic Car produced by polystyrene pattern.
Internal structure reproduced in detail

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

We sponsored it to “Yokohama Triennale 2017 -Island, Constellations & Galapagos” which held at the “Yokohama Triennale”, an international exhibition of contemporary art held every 3 years in Yokohama. A polystyrene pattern model with a body length of 2000mm was exhibited in front of the "Lighthouse in the Sea Breeze" on the 3rd floor of Landmark Plaza in Yokohama City. This Galapagos giant tortoise model is coated with hard urethane and painted with water-based paint.

When exhibited at Yokohama City Landmark Plaza
Exhibited in front of the "Lighthouse in the Sea Breeze" of Landmark Plaza in Yokohama City.

Shaped objects such as concerts and events

We produce and provide a wide variety of foam models such as stage sets that decorate concerts and live performances of various artists, objects used for events of famous brands, large-scale moldings of theme parks, etc. We provide high-precision, high-quality foam models with a short delivery time, from large to large numbers.

Object for live performance
Stage setting
Object for event production
Object for live performance

“World Heritage” Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces Polystyrene pattern model

Produced a 1/5 scale model of “World Heritage” Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces (height 3.1m). We also reproduced the interior of the refractory brick and the melting furnace. We installed it at an event of the 72nd World Foundry Congress (WFC2016) and donated it to Izunokuni City.

1/5 scale model of Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces
Reproduced inside the reverberatory furnace as a cut model
It also reproduces the state of melting iron

Three-dimensional signboard.

Please entrust us to the production of three-dimensional signboard. Unlike normal signboards, it can be reproduced with an undulating design, so it has a presence even from a distance and is effective for advertising at exhibitions and stores. Please contact us for size and design.

Welcome board for our mascot character "Chuzou-kun".
It is coated with water-based paint after coating with urethane resin.
We also made signboards for use inside the company.
This is a polystyrene pattern with the characters painted directly on it.
Welcome board for wedding.
Welcome board for weddings with a tablet terminal inside.

Asteroid topography model

I made a topography model of an asteroid with polystyrene pattern and contributed to the Hayabusa2 project.

Mill a polystyrene pattern to reproduce terrain such as craters

KAIYODO Takeyashiki Jizai Okimono 15 Century Gothic Field Armor

Kaiyodo's action figure, which has a reputation for high-quality molded objects, is scanned by a three-dimensional measuring machine and converted into data. We produced it from a 15cm figure to a 190cm that people can wear.
Height: 190cm (By the wearer)
Wight: 1.5kg

We expanded from a small figure to a size that people can wear.
You can move around easily because it is made of polystyrene pattern.

KOTOBUKIYA Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn Sentinel

We made Kotobukiya's original plastic model "Hexa Gear" so that people can wear Para-Pawn Sentinel's helmet. With a highly flexible design to the polystyrene pattern model, a blower fan is built into the head to ensure comfort for the wearer.

Made to enlarge the helmet part so that people can wear it
The shotgun of the accessory was also enlarged and made into a human size.

1/2 scale of Moving MechatroWego

We produced 1/2 scale of the original robot "MechatroWego" designed by creator "Modernism Kazufumi Kobayashi". The CAD model of MechatroWego was provided, and a polystyrene pattern model was produced based on it. We applied the urethane coating and it is painted with a gray surfacer.

Operate with the left and right levers.
Move the right lever to move your right arm.

Hokkaido Nikuson President

We created 3D data from the illustration and milled polystyrene pattern. To increase strength, it is coated with urethane resin and painted with water-based paint.
Height: 150cm
Weight: 17kg (include stainless plate) / 11kg (only a main part)

3D data was created from the illustration and a polystyrene pattern was produced.

Character from Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture Mishimaru-kun & Mishimaruko-chan

We reduced the costume and made it a 50 cm model. A polystyrene pattern was produced using the 3D photo scan of the costume and 3D data acquisition.

Photo scan the costume
50cm model was produced from the costume

Mascot Character from Gunma Prefecture Gunma-chan

3D data was created based on the illustration, and it was made into a molded product that actually contained mail. We are using this mailbox at our Gunma Foundry.
© Gunma Prefecture License Number 30-070854

The original illustration
Can use as actual mailbox.

Life-size model (life-size figure)

We produced a life-size model using 3D photo scan system that can capture a person. You can also get the color, so you can output with a plaster 3D printer. Even complex shapes can be mill with a multi-axis joint robot.

The left side is painted, the right side is polystyrene pattern
Height: 157cm
Weight: 3.8kg (with painting) / 2.4kg (without painting) / Stainless plate 2.8kg
Life-size figures of men
30cm plaster figure on hand
It is also used as a memorial figure to record the growth of children.


Making souvenirs are also available. Please contact us regarding design, size, material (aluminum, plaster), etc.

3D data of souvenir created by scanning
Aluminum relief made by scanning himself as a retirement memorial.
30cm high figure with plaster 3D printer
Gave to the Mayor of Shelbyville, Indiana, to commemorate the establishment of the Kimura Foundry America Inc.

Projection Mapping

At the exhibition, we performed projection mapping for a classic car at our booth.
The image is displayed along the contours of the car body and tires, giving the effect of actually driving.

Since the model is white, it has excellent compatibility with projection mapping.
It changes colorfully according to the projected image


We made a diorama of Sado Island with polystyrene pattern. We made the altitude 2 times high, and also painted color.

Since it is polystyrene pattern, you can easily insert pins etc.

Projection mapping using diorama

Polystyrene pattern models and sand molds are used as diorama. Made the center of Tokyo into a disk-shaped with a diameter of 1500mm using artificial sand of 0.2mm. It is used as a display target for projection mapping.

Faithfully reproduces the terrain of central Tokyo
The area around Tokyo Station is also accurately reproduced

Casting Landscape Items

We mold the polystyrene pattern directly into sand to produce casting. Since there is no need for the "drafting angle" that is inherent to castings, this is a service unique to a casting manufacturer that makes full use of the technology of the full mold casting method, which allows you to replace intricately intricate polystyrene pattern with castings as they are.

Monument for Omaezaki City 10th anniversary
Shinagawa Station Konan Exit “Shoots of Love”
Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces 24-pond cannon
Globe (Wisdom owl)

Packing box

We can also manufacture packaging boxes that match the shape of the contents.
A custom-made packing box that is convenient for storing and transporting exhibition fixtures and special shaped objects.

Packing box for exhibition fixtures
Size: 1700x900x400
Packing box for MechatroWego
Size: 950×750×850



It is a machine that captures 3D data (STL) by shooting a mockup of something to be modeled (a prototype that is a miniature etc.). Highly accurate shape reproduction is possible and the size can be changed freely. Since it is not possible to shoot the blind spots, we will edit the acquired data on 3D CAD and make CAM data for model making based on it.

3D Photo Scan

Data captured by 3D photo scan can reproduce colors.
As with ATOS, the blind spots cannot be taken, so it is necessary to edit the acquired data.

Various Software

The data shot and created with a coordinate measuring machine such as ATOS or 3D photo scan is edited with various software. It is also possible to change the shape, and create 3D data from 2D data such as illustrations and photos.
(Zbrush ,Rhinoceros,GeomagicDesignX,CADmeister, hyperMILL)

NC machine for milling polystyrene pattern

It is a milling machine that cuts polystyrene pattern for casting production. We own more than 40 large NC machines (maximum table size 10m x 2.5m) and mill polystyrene pattern 24 hours a day.

Multi-axis joint robot

A life-size model with a complicated shape can be mill with a multi-axis joint robot.


  • Is there any specification for the provided data?
    OBJ, STL, ZTL, 3dm, iges, parasorid and step.
  • If I don't have 3D data, can you use a mockup, photo or sketch?
    If you have a clay model or an original model, you can acquire the shape by three-dimensional measurement. Also, it is possible to convert from 2D things such as photographs and sketches to 3D. Please contact us for more information.
  • What machine do you use for scanning?
    For mockups, basically we use ATOS. We use 3D Photo Scan for people.
    There is also a handy scanner, so select the most suitable equipment depending on the object to be scanning.
  • What kind of polystyrene pattern do you use?
    Normally, we use 60 times expanded EPS (Foamed polystyrene).
    40 times foam material / 50 times foam material / 80 times foam material / 60 times flame retardant material are also available.
  • Can you also manufacture cast products?
    It is possible to manufacture with various materials such as FC and FCD. Please contact us for more information.
  • How large can you make?
    We can manufacture polystyrene pattern up to 10m or more, and iron castings up to 30t.
  • Is there a limit to the number that can be produced?
    We will process the model using the data, so we can produce as many as you request, from one to any number.
  • Can you even paint?
    We can respond to your request by directly coating the polystyrene pattern with water-based paint or by coating with hard urethane resin for full-scale painting.
  • How durable is a polystyrene pattern?
    With a hard urethane resin coating, coloring with paint, and clear painting, it can withstand rain and ultraviolet rays.
    Although the color of the paint may fade depending on the usage environment, we will propose a paint suitable for the application.
  • Is the polystyrene pattern worried about strength?
    It is also possible to put steel frames and mounting brackets in the foam model. We will make a proposal according to the usage method and installation location.
  • How long does it take to make it?
    In the case of polystyrene pattern, if you can provide 3D data, we can deliver it in a minimum of 3 days.
    Please contact us as it will vary depending on the size, presence or absence of resin coating, coating area, and number of colors.
  • What is the fare? (Domestic)
    We would give you an estimate each time.
    Depending on the size of the product you requested, it will be delivered by courier or truck.
    We deliver cast iron products nationwide, so please leave us a truck service.
  • Do you have a price list?
    An estimate will be given each time. Please contact us from the inquiry form.