Products and Technology

We are expanding research into various development projects with flexible ideas and the power of imagination.


In utilizing these casting technologies, we seek to differentiate ourselves. To this end, flexible ideas and the power of the imagination are vital.
We engage in research on quality, new materials, new processes, and new products primarily through our Research and Development Unit and have made strides in transforming the world of castings that is based on experience and intuition into one that is firmly rooted in technologies. Developed contents are incorporated into on-site processes and evolve into advanced casting technologies that cannot be emulated by others.
The results of this process are presented at academic conferences and other events to allow us to fulfill a significant role in reforming technologies in the casting industry at a domestic and international level. We proactively promote collaborations among industry, government, and academia, as well as parallel research systems, as we engage in research and development for tomorrow with an eye to always staying one-step ahead of where we currently stand.
We also are running an education program in partnership with universities and other institutions of higher learning for the purpose of enabling employees tasked with developing technologies to obtain doctoral degrees.

Examples of products

A wide range of products are produced by the Kimura Group. These products include everything from castings for automotive press dies; industrial machines, compressors, and other industrial machinery; and other forms of large items to small prototype castings and foamed patterns created for amusement purposes.