Products and Technology

We are expanding research into various development projects with flexible ideas and the power of imagination.

Digital technologies

Superior digital technologies are being utilized for better quality and faster delivery.

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Newly developed materials

A series of materials which have been developed by KIMURA with out skillful manipulation of metal alloys
Materials such as cast iron as an alternative of cast steel and durable cast iron are available based on KIMURA's basic research and development.

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KSCD-800I Spherical graphite cast iron

Applications: Press dies / abrasion-resistant parts / heat-resistant parts
Features: High-hardenability / excellent abrasion resistance / heat resistant / non-plated
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KSCD-800IS Spherical graphite cast iron

Applications: Press dies / cutting blades and flange steel
Features: High-hardenability / high-toughness / excellent weldability
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KMD-800K Spherical graphite cast iron with less tendency of shrinkage

Applications: Thick castings / resin molds / steel substitutes
Features: Fine graphite / high-strength
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NS-FC300 Gray cast iron with less tendency of shrinkage

Applications: Thick castings / surface plates / thermos-compressed molds
Features: excellent workability

Series showcasing innovative techniques

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Spherical graphite cast iron with high-strength and high-toughness (Nobi-Duc)

Applications: Structural parts for die cast metal molds, press machines, industrial machines, and more
Features: Superior notching effect achieved with a dual-layer structure of ferrite and perlite; new material-based cast iron possessing the hardness and toughness of cast steel
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Pipe inserts

Applications: Cooling of the sliding surfaces of machine tools and the cooling of resin molds
Features: Composite castings with cooling pipe inserts
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Weld casting

Applications: Machine tools / abrasion-resistant parts
Features: Partial composite castings for which steel is melted and bonded with molten cast iron

Kimura-Cast Lined Pipe (K-CLP)

Abrasion-resistant pipes / Kimura Foundry’s steel pipes with high-chrome cast iron inserts K-CLP Kimura-Cast Lined Pipe

Originally developed pipes with abrasion resistance of high-chrome cast iron and shock resistance of steel pipes

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5 features of K-CLP

1. Abrasion-resistant pipes with excellency for wet-type and dry-type transportation

We have extended the life of pipes with superior abrasion resistance applicable for pipes used to transport granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash, clinker ash, and more.

2. Lining by Casting

Produced by lining the insides of steel pipes with high-chrome cast iron, K-CLP overcomes the disadvantages of jointed basalt pipes and ceramic pipes that are prone to damage in the parts.

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Basalt pipes
Basalt pipes have a disadvantage in that the basalt affixed to the inside of steel pipes gets easily damaged partially
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K-CLP (high-chrome cast-iron pipes)
High-chrome casting with no joints covers the inner surface of the pipe the inside surface is fully sheathed in high chrome.

3. Maintainability

K-CLP offers superior maintainability, such that the thickness of high-chrome cast-iron parts can be measured from outer maintenance holes by UT even while the equipment is in use.

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4. Weldability

While high-chrome cast-iron pipes cannot be welded, steel pipes can be subject to welding repairs.

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5. Pipe connectivity

Since working surfaces are made of high- chrome cast iron and Joined flanges made of steel, K-CLP is characterized by resistance to cracking when pipes are bonded to one another using bolts.

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